Control Process is a young company from Sicily, producer of industrial technologies, of measurement and control of pressure and temperature, distinguished by high quality and affidability.

Headquarters and the laboratories are in San Gregorio di Catania, where is logistic center too.

In Italy has about a dozen of strategic point, as local stock warehouse, available to improve business performance and efficiency to all national territory.

Control Process performs calibrations with reference to national and international standards in accordance with current regulations. The periodic calibration of measurement instruments is a

necessary activity for companies both as a fundamental step for quality certification, and to ensure the traceability of measures to samples recognized in the national and international context.

The calibration check is carried out at the local offices of relevance, to make access to the customer as simple as possible. Control Process invests in the development of increasingly innovative and

competitive products, exploiting experiences born in the field of about 30 years and a desire for innovation.

The market sectors targeted by Control Process are:

  • chemical-pharmaceutical industries
  • petrochemical industries
  • refineries and storage
  • gas productions plants
  • water treatment plants
  • food industries
  • companies conducting district heating networks
  • Renewable technological systems for the production of electrical and thermal energy from organic biomass, biogas, and wood (combustion and gasification) or biofuels (ethanol and diesel)
  • technological companies operating in the energy saving sector
  • university and private research laboratories


Control Process want to become a constant reference point for its customers, accompanying them with their own structure on the national and international territory from the idea of a solution up to its realization:

  • using the Control Process brand, an expression of identity and quality;
  • improving the performance of its plant in terms of control;
  • having convenient and easy-to-use products and a technical structure that is always available to guide choices and motivations;
  • increasing reliability through the adoption of high quality products.


Control Process intends to improve the aspirations of people and activities through the recognition of the value of quality, of the affirmation of human values and of the ethical principles that regulate a new way of life.